Monday, February 27, 2012

Baptism Towels

My Embroidery Machine is going in for a check up and a cleaning tomorrow. I have had company for 6 weeks and haven't had much sewing time lately. So, as you can imagine, it will be hard to see my little friend go in for a few days.  Hopefully she will come back purring like a kitten. My last little project on my machine was this CTR towel. Our ward (church group ) provides the towels for the children getting baptized and I put a simple CTR on them in the primary colors. CTR stands for Choose The Right.  I have seen some very fancy baptism towels with names and dates on them, but this works well for our purpose. We have a large primary, and this way they are ready for any child to dry off with on their special day. The child of course gets to keep them as a memento. When my machine comes home, I will finish the stack of other towels so they will be ready for their moment to shine, or dry, or whatever.

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