Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here is a sneak peak of the back of it. Of course it will look so much better on a Josie then my candle holder.
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Come and get it....

Today I got a little time to play. One of the things that I did was sew this little Josie dress. Josie is my two year old grand daughter who is constantly on the move. She will look so cute twirling in this pink getup. The other day I was sent a video of her little brother taking his first steps. Minutes into the video, here comes Josie in her toy car, she smacks right into him, suddenly the taping stops. If you knew her you would have to laugh as I did. Her brother is fine, he has had worse. So... as you can see, she needs this pink little dress. Come and get it Josie... I can hardly wait. Of course we will put a shirt underneath it, it is almost October. (Don't worry J.L., after your move, your daughters will be dancing in theirs too).
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I needed Halloween

I am so excited for the fall holidays. I just made this little doodah- it may carry my scriptures to church in October, or wind up on a friend's door step with a treat inside.
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A Good Day So Far...

I was blessed with a little alone time today, so I thought I would finally share a photo of my crib sized quilt that I finished. I love the chenille fabric stripes on it. They are so soft and snuggly.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

13 more days until spooky decorations are up!

I love the fall. Halloween time is so fun. In our area where we live there are many festivals this time of year. the balloon fiesta, pumpkin picking, party after party all month. We have some favorite carnivals that we go to in the fall. So, decorating for this season is a must. When looking at quilt pattern books in the store, I came across this one. I am in the middle of making two of these quilts because quite frankly, it puts a smile on my mug. I just think these are the happiest of halloween quilts ever. If you want to hurry up and make one too, you can find the pattern in Simple Seasons by Kim Diehl. I better hurry up and finish mine so you can see them. This photo is actually a picture taken straight out of the book.

Back to the fun stuff... Please

I have been doing some mending lately. That is not exactly what I have in mind when I say that I love to sew. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have this little quilt ready to bind. I love binding a quilt. That is so relaxing to me. I like to save that for the night. I crawl in bed and watch my favorite 'Everybody Loves Raymond' DVD's and stitch away.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Sew What?

Did I mention that I like to sew? My mom taught me how to sew when I was a young girl, and I really enjoyed my sewing classes in high school. The bug never went away. As a mom I sewed a lot of my children's clothes, and curtains, and things to pretty up the house. I have had the same sewing machine for over a decade. It is such a good machine, I can honestly say I love it. It just was lacking in a few areas. I found myself coveting a bigger, better machine. I spotted it in a quilting magazine and then started watching it on the internet. I thought I could never get it, so I would casually keep up on it out of interest. My friend and I happened to go to a Bernina store and I met the machine face to face,holy sweetness. I mentioned it to myhusband and he told me I should just go and get it. Justifying the cost was a problem for me so my husband helped push me towards the store because I wouldn't of bought this puppy on my own... Now, it is in my sewing room. We have bonded... I enjoy every single minute that we spend together, and trust me, we are together a lot, me and my new machine.

Peeps, what's up with that?
That has been my nickname that some great friends gave me forever ago. No, I do not like the Easter candy peeps, yuck... (the only thing I like to do with them is watch them expand in the microwave). Peeps, because for one thing, there are a lot of "P's" in my name. That is what my friends call me, and well, I like it.