Thursday, May 3, 2012

Soft and Simple

My friend Ashley was thrilled to have a baby girl. She already had two little boys and now she was ready for some pink. I asked Ashley what colors she liked for her daughter's room and she said that she was going with pink and green and she really liked owls. The funny thing was, I had just the right fabric to match her wish without heading out to a fabric store. I will be honest with you, I don't like the fabric stores in my area at all. I have a few favorite in Utah that I love to go to. So when I am there I don't feel too guilty buying fabric because I know I will use it, and I know I will never find anything that I like as  much back where I live. 

 I just couldn't cut up this lovely owl fabric. I think it was destined to stay  in one beautiful piece .


The fabric is by Valori Wells, it is called Owl Friends.

I machined quilted it by following the pattern on the printed design of the fabric. I went around the owls and the circles. The binding is a silk soft pink. 

It is simple, no fancy piecing here. Some times the fabric just speaks for itself.