Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come and get it....

Today I got a little time to play. One of the things that I did was sew this little Josie dress. Josie is my two year old grand daughter who is constantly on the move. She will look so cute twirling in this pink getup. The other day I was sent a video of her little brother taking his first steps. Minutes into the video, here comes Josie in her toy car, she smacks right into him, suddenly the taping stops. If you knew her you would have to laugh as I did. Her brother is fine, he has had worse. So... as you can see, she needs this pink little dress. Come and get it Josie... I can hardly wait. Of course we will put a shirt underneath it, it is almost October. (Don't worry J.L., after your move, your daughters will be dancing in theirs too).
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  1. Oh my! I love it so so much! It is so cute! I can't wait to see Josie in it. I showed her the picture and I think she loves it too! You are so talented! I love you! Can't wait to see you... we will be there in less than two weeks!!!

  2. aunt peeps you make such cute little things i wished you lived closer this way :) and i love the Sweet Pink and Brown Quilt on your esty shop if only i had a few dollars to spare i would snatch it up im excited to see what else you sew i love to sew my self :) miss you and hugs from Ga!

  3. I love it! and Josie will too :) Thanks so much and its good to see u bloggin mississssz peeps

  4. I Love this! the fabric is SO cute! Josie will look great in it and will need super cute pics too. I need to see that video btw, Fwd it on. :)


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